• Disposable Examples-shopping Bag

    Film is the main target market for biodegradable materials. Italy has banned the production,sale a n d us e o f no n b i odeg r adab l e shopp i n g bag s f r o m Ja n 1st , 20 1 1 . An d man y...
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  • Fresh Food Packaging Examples-fresh Milk Bottle

    Granar o l o , an I talian dairy enterprise, has en g a g ed in the R& D pr oj e c t f o r com p o stable m ilk pa ck a g ing fr o m 2011 , but still failed to find a suitable bi o de g...
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  • Fresh Food Packaging Examples

    Fresh food packaging is the first successful application since FANCYCO's 5000ta plant went into operation. It is, on the one hand, owing to the global effect of Walmart's...
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  • PLA Polymer REVODE105

    PLA polymer REVODE105 REVODE105 is one kind of modified PLA which is specifically designed for transparent straws. Properties of REVODE105 Applications: The PLA resin REVODE105 is suitable for...
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  • PLA Resin REVODE101

    Transparency, gloss and mechanical properties similar to PET PET, the toughness is poor, easy to color, easy printing, mainly used for laminating, blend film etc..
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  • PLA Resin REVODE110

    Properties similar to REVODE101, the melting point is higher than REVODE101, mainly used in the film, biaxially oriented film etc..
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