PLA resin and products

  • Biodegradable PBAT/PLA For Film

    Biodegradable PBAT/PLA for Film HRS-3105 Series Resin is a kind of blending modification material that is based on fully biodegradable polymer. It is does not content any starch or modified starch...
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  • Pla Resin Applicable To Extrusion Process

    Biomaterials PLA polymer REVODE110 is a thermoplastic resin derived from annually renewable resources and is Applicable to extrusion process . Resin Properties Applications: Many products can be...
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  • PLA Resin Specifically Designed For Straws

    PLA polymer REVODE711E REVODE711E is one kind of modified PLA which is specifically designed for straws and etc. Applications: REVODE711E is suitable for processing non-heat-resistant and...
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  • High Heat Resistance And High Gloss PLA Resin

    REVODE 213 S Injection Molding Processing Guide REVODE 213 S is a kind of modified PLA resin. The products made by this resin have high heat resistance and high gloss. Properties of REVODE 213 S...
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  • Assumptions Of Fiber&nonwoven Application- Tea Bags

    China has enormous amount in both production and consumption for tea. It is statisticed that the annual trade volume of domestic tea market is around 20 billion RMB。 Therefore, it is of great...
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  • Assumptions Of Fiber&nonwoven Application- Wet Wipes

    Domestic Consumption of wet wipes in 2013 is approx 15 billion,mainly divided into 6 kinds:Common,Baby-only,Women-only,Make-up removing,Wiping,Other. (Data Source:China National Household Paper...
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  • Assumptions Of Fiber & Nonwoven Application

    PLA Fiber(Corn Fiber) combines both advantages of Natural Fiber and Petroleum- based Fiber. •Weekly acidic and non- toxic. •Good skin adaptability and breathability •Antibacterial, antistatic and...
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  • Disposable Examples-tablewares

    The maximum heat resistance of 1st Generation PLA is only about 60℃, so it cannot be applied to single use lunch box with higher requirement. FANCYCO’s 2nd Generation with high heat resistance was...
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  • Disposable Examples-straws

    The improved PLA straw (using PLA compound) has equal performance to that of PP. It has excellent glossiness as well as flexibility. Meanwhile, it is also food-contact capable.
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  • Disposable Examples- Cutlery

    Disposable cutlery:The break- through on FANCYCO PLA heat resistant technology in 2012 opened the door of disposable cutlery application for PLA.And now you can find almost all the disposable...
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  • Tableware

    T ab l ewa r e : W i t h th e he l p o f FANCYCO , A l o t o f i n j ect i o n facto r i e s i n Ch i n a ha s a l r ead y maste r e d th e ma i n p r ocess i n g techno l og y o f PL A tab l ewa...
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  • Disposable Examples-paper Cups

    According to statistics,the global annual consumption of paper cup has exceeded 100 billion, in which Europe and America reach to 60 billion,while China is approx 20 billion. The inner layer of...
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