• Disposable Examples-tablewares

    The maximum heat resistance of 1st Generation PLA is only about 60℃, so it cannot be applied to single use lunch box with higher requirement. FANCYCO’s 2nd Generation with high heat resistance was...
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  • Disposable Examples-straws

    The improved PLA straw (using PLA compound) has equal performance to that of PP. It has excellent glossiness as well as flexibility. Meanwhile, it is also food-contact capable.
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  • Disposable Examples- Cutlery

    Disposable cutlery:The break- through on FANCYCO PLA heat resistant technology in 2012 opened the door of disposable cutlery application for PLA.And now you can find almost all the disposable...
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  • Disposable Examples-paper Cups

    According to statistics,the global annual consumption of paper cup has exceeded 100 billion, in which Europe and America reach to 60 billion,while China is approx 20 billion. The inner layer of...
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  • Disposable Examples-shopping Bag

    Film is the main target market for biodegradable materials. Italy has banned the production,sale a n d us e o f no n b i odeg r adab l e shopp i n g bag s f r o m Ja n 1st , 20 1 1 . An d man y...
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  • Fresh Food Packaging Examples-fresh Milk Bottle

    Granar o l o , an I talian dairy enterprise, has en g a g ed in the R& D pr oj e c t f o r com p o stable m ilk pa ck a g ing fr o m 2011 , but still failed to find a suitable bi o de g...
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