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The Basic Material Of Wrapping PaperⅡ
Apr 12, 2018

Paper wrapping paper:

Because of its natural texture and soft texture, the gift presents a noble and elegant atmosphere and is loved by people. It is suitable for all kinds of packaging. It is the best choice for box-shaped gift packaging. Can also be divided into printing paper, dyed paper, Yunlong paper, cloud paper, lotus paper.

Yarn wrapping paper:

Because of its lightness and transparency, and its light colors, the gift is a perfect match. It is used as a backing paper to enhance the three-dimensional effect of the gift. Can also be subdivided into snow nets, plastic nets and so on.

Hemp wrapping paper:

It is a new type of wrapping paper. Its texture can be hard and soft, and its plasticity is very high. It is very suitable for the packaging of irregular gifts and can bring unexpected effects to gifts.

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