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The Basic Material Of Wrapping PaperⅠ
Apr 12, 2018

Packaging paper is an indispensable material for packaging. As long as a good wrapping paper is in hand, even if there is no other material, you can complete a beautiful packaging. Packaging paper according to its texture is divided into plastic, paper, yarn quality, hemp four categories. The choice of wrapping paper should be based on the preferences of the recipient, and then based on the size of the gift, the material and the current atmosphere to be selected.

Plastic wrapping paper:

Due to good moisture resistance and the most affordable price ratio, it is suitable for all kinds of packaging, thus becoming one of the most commonly used packaging papers; it is the first choice for exposed gift packages such as bouquets, potted plants, and fruit baskets. Its subdivision can be divided into surface printing, floating printing, semi-permeable printing, colorless and transparent varieties.

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