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Statistics Show That The Average Price Of Corrugated Paper Continues To Fall.
Nov 19, 2018

On November 14, the National Bureau of Statistics announced the market price change of important means of production in the domestic circulation field from November 1 to 10. Among them, the price of high-strength corrugated paper dropped by 149.1 yuan/ton, 3.8% annually and 3,746.3 yuan compared with the previous period.

Since the second half of this year, the National Bureau of Statistics has announced 12 changes in prices of major means of production, including 11 declines in high watt prices, and only a slight rebound in mid-August. After mid-September, the decline of paper price has accelerated significantly, and the decline of paper price has exceeded 1000 yuan since September.

In the recent CCTV broadcast program (CCTV Finance: the peak season is not prosperous, and a ton of waste paper has fallen by nearly 1000 yuan. Waste paper acquisition moved forward, and paper companies regulated the supply of stable prices. Some paper mills said that this year's inventory was 30% higher than in previous years. But from the data of the Bureau of statistics, even if the price of paper has been declining, the inventory of enterprises has not decreased.

Another Statistics Bureau data, the paper industry producer ex-factory price index, was only 99.9 in October, the fifth consecutive month of decline, and it is the first time this year that it has fallen below the 100 mark.

Despite the continuous decline in paper prices, paper mills still take the initiative in controlling the cost of raw materials. The paper industry has collated the price of corrugated paper (data from the National Bureau of Statistics) compared with the price of grade A yellow paper (purchase price of Dongguan Ninglong) since paper prices began to fall in May this year, and found that the paper mills have remained stable. Profit space (around 1400 yuan).

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