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Packaging Paper Classification
Apr 12, 2018

According to the function can be divided into ordinary packaging paper, special packaging paper, food packaging paper, commodity printing and packaging paper.


General packaging functions for packaging base paper and paperboard, usually made into cartons, partitions, paper bags and boxes, including paper bags, kraft paper, chicken skin paper, striped kraft paper, kraft paperboard, liner paper, cardboard, corrugated paper, honeycomb Cardboard etc.


Packaging papers with special functions for various environments include oil-proof wrapping paper, moisture-proof wrapping paper, and rust-proof paper.


Foods, beverages and other fields "packaging" packaging paper, there are food parchment, candy packaging paper and so on.

Product printing

Cardboards with a liner and a core layer and a filler and a glue on a surface layer are printed with a trademark and then made into a paper box or the like for packaging. White paper, white cardboard, etc.

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