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General Printing Paper Points
Apr 12, 2018

To purchase an ordinary printer, select the following points:

1. Paper thickness

The thickness of the paper is usually expressed in terms of weight per square meter (grams). The thickness specifications of commonly used normal printing paper and copy paper are 70-80 g/m2.

2. Paper density

The density of paper refers to the degree of density and thickness of the fibers of the paper. If the fibers of the paper are too thick and too thick (ie, the density is poor), when the ink jet printer is used, it will cause the back surface to be immersed in water and the printing effect is poor, and paper hair, paper dust, and the printer will be easily damaged.

3. Paper stiffness

The stiffness of the paper refers to the firmness of the texture of the paper. If the stiffness is poor, it is easy to encounter a little resistance in the paper conveying path, and the paper will cause jamming and blockage. Therefore, a paper with good stiffness should be used.

4. Surface brightness of paper

The surface brightness of paper refers to the brightness of the paper surface. Paper color should be white, not dark gray, light level not too high, too high brightness is unfavorable for image fixing.

5. Dryness of paper

If the printing paper has low dryness and large water content, the paper's insulation performance will be reduced, which will affect the printing effect. The bottom ash will be large, and paper jams will occur easily. Therefore, high-drying paper should be used. On the one hand, paper should be stored in a dry and ventilated place.

6. The number of paper

Paper Quantity Unit: Order. 1 order = 500 sheets.

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