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August 9 Newsletter
Aug 09, 2018

1. China will carry out special rectification of intellectual property protection in the field of e-commerce;
2. In July, the land market differentiation intensified, and 50 third- and fourth-tier cities sold more than 10 billion yuan;
3.  Unauthorized use of the contents of the "Chinese Dictionary" Sogou  Encyclopedia has been sued for more than 20 million claims;
4,  the developer reports their follow-up: the first-instance judgment of  1.2 million full payment of the house contract is invalid. Now the house  price is more than three times the original;
5. Russia successfully developed a "permanent" nuclear reactor that can be used in nuclear submarines;
6. Samsung announced the largest investment and employment plan in history.
7. Nanjing issued “Haitai 75 Articles” to promote the same treatment for Taiwanese compatriots;
8. The three major operators supported the listing of the China Tower; 30% of the funds were used to pay off debts;
9.  The housing pension insurance will be promoted to the whole country.  The results of the first batch of pilots are not satisfactory;
10. New batch of projects for railway planning re-editing This year, railway investment is expected to reach 800 billion yuan;
11.  The Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee publicly collected the mascots  of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the Winter Paralympic Games;
12. The earthquake in Lombok, Indonesia has caused 131 deaths. The number of victims may still rise;

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