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August 8th Media Briefing
Aug 08, 2018

1.  The investigation team of the State Council announced that the  Changchun Changsheng illegal and illegal production of rabies vaccine  has progressed since 2014. It has been seriously violated and sold  overseas.
2. Hong Kong media: Hong Kong high-speed rail will be officially opened to traffic on September 23, only 14 minutes to Shenzhen;
3. The State Council: agreed to set up a cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone in 22 cities including Beijing;
4. The State Sports General Administration issued the “Scientific and Fitness 18 Law”;
5.  Emergency meeting of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas:  Resolutely put out the eradication of African swine fever as soon as  possible;
6, fitness App positioning terrorist leaks officers and soldiers where the US Department of Defense is strictly prohibited;
7. Shanghai has set up a new policy: Tsinghua Peking University undergraduate graduates can be directly settled;
8.  Merck's nine-price cervical cancer vaccine is listed in Guangdong. The  reference price for filing is 1298 yuan/piece (bottle);
9, Alipay teamed up with Taobao to launch a limited time group function, or only the first step of cooperation;
10, Carrefour was "exited" in the Chinese market, and the new retail two parties fought fiercely;
11.  Banking Regulatory Commission: Focus on cracking down on illegal  fund-raising funds to issue private loans. It is strictly forbidden for  black-related organizations and individuals to enter the banking and  insurance industries;
12. Trump sends: Any transaction with Iran cannot be traded with the US

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