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August 31 News Letter
Aug 31, 2018

1. A military aircraft crashed in Ethiopia. 17 people were killed;
2. Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank was exposed to illegally wiped 7 million yuan. Bank: The relevant personnel have been handled;
3,  eight departments issued a document to prevent and control young  people's myopia: primary school grades 1 and 2 do not arrange written  homework to implement the total amount of online game control;
4. An African swine fever epidemic occurred in Nanling County, Wuhu City, Anhui Province. 80 dead pigs were killed;
5. ZTE’s revenue for the first half of the year was 39.434 billion yuan, and the net loss was 7.824 billion yuan;
6, Yahoo is exposed to collect user mail information: to facilitate targeted advertising;
7. South Korea launched the “Super Budget” to boost the total economy by 470 trillion won;
8.  Xi Jinping held talks with President of Côte d'Ivoire. The two heads of  state unanimously agreed to push China-Korean relations to a higher  level;
9.  The Ministry of Commerce responds to the Sino-US trade friction  negotiations: the two sides will maintain contact with the next step;
10. The members of the Tianan Society responded to the “anti-kill” incident in Kunshan: he is not ours;
11.  The first pile of Xiong'an Station, the largest railway station in  Asia, has been officially opened. It is expected to be completed in May  2020.
12, heavy! The  State Administration of Taxation has clarified that the private  placement tax rate is up to 35%. The venture capital industry faces a  small crisis;

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