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August 3 Newsletter
Aug 03, 2018

1. 12 departments such as  the Retired Military Affairs Department: give priority to the support  of veterans in employment and entrepreneurship;
2. The  US "National Defense Authorization Act" has negative content related to  China. The Chinese side: may not let it go into law;
3.  The first official ecological hydration of the South-to-North Water  Transfer Central Line restored a large number of natural rivers;
4. Strictly check the vulgar content The Ministry of Cultural Affairs will check 27 websites such as 哔哩哔哩;
5. China-ASEAN agreed to accept the “single text” to promote significant progress in the South China Sea issue;
6. The central bank announced a number of anti-money laundering penalties involving bank brokerage insurance institutions;
7.  The myopia rate is intended to be included in the government assessment  index: in 2030, the myopia rate of primary school students fell below  38%;
8. WeChat payment opening credit card points service is the same as physical card benefits;
9. Forbes China released 30 elite list under 30 years old in 2018;
10. Wal-Mart preservation technology is accused of stealing trade secrets and facing a $2 billion lawsuit;
11. Don't be fooled. The Ministry of Civil Affairs announced the sixth batch of 337 suspected illegal social organizations;
12, Starbucks and Alibaba cooperated to launch take-out service 30 cities 30 minutes delivery;

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