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August 16 News Letter
Aug 16, 2018

1. The global name of the Lunar No. 4 lunar rover The detector announced the design configuration;
2. National Bureau of Statistics: Prices will maintain a moderate upward trend;
3, more convenient Internet access 82 domestic and foreign airlines provide on-board WiFi service;
4. The US agricultural export price in July hit the biggest decline in the past seven years;
5, Liaoning notified the African swine fever epidemic prevention and control: 8116 pigs were all culled and harmless treatment;
6.  Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas: The anthrax epidemic can be  prevented and controlled, and the beef and mutton purchased by regular  channels can be safely consumed;
7, Hangzhou "public toilet revolution" sample: mobile phone has no electricity to charge, toilet paper forgotten with a shower;
8.  The first batch of pension fund will be sold in September at the  earliest, and the ant gold service agency will not pursue the  “explosion”;
9. Harbin is now inspecting the production and sales of the paper and the money: once it is found, it will be confiscated;
10.  The investigation team of the State Council is required to continue to  do a good job in vaccine disposal for longevity problems;
11.  The People's Daily commented on the status quo of the cultural tourism  industry: poetry and distant places should spend more time to arrive;
12. Countering US steel and aluminum tariffs Canada considers safeguards for seven steel products;

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