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August 14 News Letter
Aug 14, 2018

1.  Yunnan Yuxi Tonghai has repeatedly issued several earthquakes, causing  48,000 people to be affected and 18 injured. The houses have been  damaged to more than 6,000 households;
2.  The “Enterprise Prohibition Order” in Nanjing was promulgated, and the  sale of houses to enterprises and institutions was suspended from now  on;
3, heavy! The central government will formulate national standards for family planning subsidies and gradually increase them;
4. Russia is willing to provide China with 1 million hectares of soybeans located in the Far East;
5, Beijing shared bicycles for reduction control, the upper limit is 1.91 million, enterprises can not be added;
6. Finalizing the DPRK: The third "Benjinhui" will be held in Pyongyang, and will be located in Pyongyang;
7. Ministry of Education: Higher education degree qualifications can be queried online and electronically verified;
8, the 33rd crown! Meizi West surpassed Iniesta, becoming the first demon of the history of the Barcelona team;
9, the United States Coca-Cola brand and other products: affected by the tariff policy will be forced to increase prices;
10. Heavy rains in India have caused frequent floods, and the number of deaths has risen to 774;
11. The British government plans to invest 100 million pounds to eliminate the tramp phenomenon within 10 years;
12.  A fire broke out in a hospital in Xinbei City, Taiwan on the early  morning of the 13th, causing many injuries, 16 of whom had no signs of  life;

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