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white kraft paper
Oct 15, 2018

White kraft paper, as its name suggests, is one of the types of kraft paper. Generally,  the color of kraft paper mainly has yellow, natural color, white and  yellow on one side, double-sided white and so on. White kraft paper is double-sided white kraft paper. Generally,  white kraft paper is divided into white and ultra-white, and  ultra-white is sometimes called high white and white kraft paper. According  to the different performance of the paper, there are flame retardant  white kraft paper, high-humidity white kraft paper, waterproof white  kraft paper and ash-free white kraft paper. According to the printing division, it can be further divided into printed white kraft paper and dyed white kraft paper.

011B white kraft  paper often has a weight of 700G-400G (Ink, white, white, high white),  the production machine is 2.1m wide, which means that it must be cut  within 2.1m (can be done 635mm, 787mm, 889mm,  1092mm, 1194mm,), but due to unstable sales, coupled with the product is  not easy to long-term inventory, paper mills often stop.
011  White kraft paper often has a weight of 75G-170G, and the production  machine is 1.76m wide, which means that it must be cut into various  specifications (preferably conventional) within 1.76m. Although the  paper quality is good, the specifications are limited. It is best to connect a single sheet with a width of no more than 1m or more than 1.6m, with 787mm and 889mm as the main.

1.  Making envelope bags, portfolios (application weight is often 70G, 80G,  90G, mainly below 100G, preferably not exceeding 120G)
2. Make handbags, hand bags, shopping bags, (applicable weight is often 100G-200G)
3. used to package food (this white kraft paper)
Whether  kraft paper can be used for food packaging, the main test is whether or  not the fluorescent agent is added to the paper. Fluorescence is a  carcinogen. When entering the human body for a long time, it will cause  cell mutation to cause cancer. Generally, the  white paper is not added to the front paper, and its whiteness is not  more than 85 degrees, generally 82, 83 degrees, and can be used for food  packaging, (011 white kraft paper passes IMI food certification and QS  certification); More than 90 degrees

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