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Type of printing ink
Apr 12, 2018

With the development of printing technology, the variety of inks continues to increase, and there are many methods for classification. If classified by printing method:

Letterpress ink: a type of ink used to print books, newspapers, pictures, documents, books, etc. The main feature of letterpress printing is that the printing plate surface of the ink part protrudes from the non-inking part. According to the types of printing presses and the use of printed products, letterpress inks are divided into inks for printing, copperplate printing inks, letterpress inks, flexographic inks, black and black ink, rotary black inks, and color letterpress inks.

Lithographic ink: A type of ink that is suitable for lithography. All parts of the lithographic printing plate are basically in a plane. The pattern is affixed with oil, and the non-graphic pattern is hydrophilic, and the principle of oil-water repulsion is used for printing. Therefore, the lithographic ink must have water resistance properties. According to the process, it can be divided into Offset Printing Ink, Web Offset Printing Ink, Offset Printing Ink, Waterless Offset Printing Ink, Ink-Printing Ink, Lithographic Printing Ink, Sialo Ink, Offset Bright Resin Ink, Offset Transfer Ink, etc.

   Gravure printing ink: A type of ink suitable for gravure printing. During printing, the pattern portions recessed in the layout are inked, the non-patterned portions are wiped or scraped, and then printed. There are gravure ink, engraving gravure ink, etc.

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