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tipping paper
Oct 18, 2018

Shuicheng paper is a kind of decoration paper obtained after the printing processing of the original paper, whose decorative pattern is based on the cross section of tobacco branches, and its color adopts the archaize type, lackluster (or less luster), which makes people produce the sense of primitive simplicity and elegance. Also known as pack paper, is a cigarette packaging materials, for cigarettes used as filter tip package, is a special industrial paper.

The name of the paper originated in Japan. In the early 20th century, northeast sendai paper co., ltd. first produced the paper, which was named after its appearance was similar to the outer skin of a plant locally named shuisong. In the 1930s, the paper was sold to Shanghai and its name was introduced to China. Now the standard name is paper feed; The unprinted paper produced is called white water pine plain paper or is said to connect the original paper.

The paper is a kind of special industrial paper. It is named for its resemblance to pine grain. The paper is in direct contact with the lips of smokers, so the printing ink and coating on the paper must be non-toxic, meet food hygiene standards, and have a certain degree of water resistance and wet strength. According to the different processing technology, the paper can be divided into two categories: printing and coating. The printing type is made of intaglio printing process, with beautiful surface, good leveling and high technical requirements, suitable for medium and high grade cigarettes. The coating type of shuicheng paper is processed by the coating process, the process is simple, the surface pattern quality, flow leveling is worse than the printing type, and is often used for low-grade cigarettes.

Take a cigarette with a filter tip, on the top of a filter rod, the appearance of a thin layer of orange (or some white) wrapped paper, covered with gold or green lines, this paper is called shuicheng paper, commonly known as cigarette mouthpiece paper. Now the standard name: paper.

Why is there such an odd name for the decorative paper on the lips of cigarettes? This once made many colleagues feel confused, the person outside the industry even more baffling. I happened to find that there was some information about the paper in the sample book sent by a Japanese company. Originally the name of the paper was introduced from Japan to China. When the paper was first produced in the early 20th century by tohoku paper company of sendai city, Japan, it was given the name because of its resemblance to the outer covering of a local plant, the hyssop. By the 1930s, the paper was shipped from Japan to Shanghai for sale, and the name stuck.

There is only one use, namely for the cigarette factory and the use of cigarette paper, because each cigarette should be attached with a filter. In order to increase the beauty of cigarette filter rod, the outside of the rod should be wrapped with a layer of paper, so as to avoid naked exposure of filters.

Filters commonly used materials are acetate fiber (tow) or other synthetic fiber. Filters can block tar directly into people's mouth and lungs in the process of smoking, reducing the tar concentration of flue gas to reduce the harm to human body. Of course, some cigarettes are not filter-tip, so through the combustion of tobacco and human breathing, smoke mixed with nicotine, tar and other can be imported into the body.

Today, with loud calls from around the world to stay away from cigarettes, filter-tipped cigarettes are at least a little less likely to inhale nicotine and tar than regular cigarettes. So as long as cigarettes are produced, the need for watercress cannot disappear.

Shuicheng paper is a printing type of processing paper, which is made by using shuicheng base paper for printing. The quality of the original paper directly affects the quality of the paper. The width of the roll paper is 38mm, 48mm, 50mm and 64mm, and the length of the roll paper is 2500m. In the process of printing, the thick coating with certain characteristics is printed on the paper surface through the printing plate, and it is printed twice in a row to meet the requirements of the product. This kind of printing press is composed of two printing rolls, drying part, mechanical transmission, retracting part, rolling part, paint color board and so on.

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