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The development of paper
Apr 12, 2018

The development of paper has also undergone a tortuous process. After the invention of paper in 105 AD, papermaking was spread from Henan to other regions where the economy and culture developed. Cai Lun was sealed to Longting Hou in Yang County, Shaanxi Province. Papermaking was spread to the Hanzhong area and gradually spread to Sichuan. According to the folk legend of Caiyang, the hometown of Cai Lun, Cai Lun also taught papermaking to his hometown. At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Shandong's papermaking industry was relatively developed. It left Zuo Bo, a papermaking expert in Donglai County (now Jing County). After papermaking was promoted throughout the country in the second century AD, paper became a powerful contender for harmony and simplicity. From the third to fourth centuries, paper has basically replaced the embarrassment and simplicity as the only writing material in China, which has effectively promoted the spread and development of China's scientific culture. During the Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties from the third to sixth centuries, papermaking in our country continued to innovate. In terms of raw materials, in addition to the original hemp and cockroaches, it has been extended to use mulberry and cane paper. In terms of equipment, the papermaking technology of the Western Han Dynasty has been inherited, and more curtains and curtains have been used. With an active bamboo screen placed on the frame, thousands of wet papers can be removed and the work efficiency improved. In the processing and manufacturing technology, the lye cooking and boiling are enhanced, the quality of the paper is improved, and colored paper, coated paper, packing paper and other processed papers appear.

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