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Strict print packaging
Apr 12, 2018

In the packaging prints, it can be said that the ink has a great influence on the environment. In addition to the trace elements of toxic elements such as lead, chromium, and chlorine in the ink, the ink is the most volatile organic solvent (xylene, toluene, ether, etc.). ) When used in food packaging and printing, the harmful components of the ink will directly harm the health of the consumer. At present, due to the increasingly stringent requirements for environmental protection all over the world, ink products have been subjected to the impact of green production (clean production) and the concept of green products. Various types of green packaging printing inks are attracting more and more attention. Water-based ink as a new type of green packaging printing material, its biggest advantage is the absence of volatile organic solvents, its use reduces the amount of organic volatiles (voc), does not harm the health of ink manufacturers and printing operators, improve Environmental quality. At the same time, water-based inks do not contain certain toxic and hazardous substances in solvent-based inks that remain in printed matter, and have excellent characteristics that are non-toxic, non-irritating, and non-corrosive, and do not cause contamination of packaged goods. Can be widely used in sanitary packaging requirements strict packaging.

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