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release papers
Oct 23, 2018

The release paper is a release paper that prevents the prepreg from sticking and protects the prepreg from contamination. The  release paper is made of paper coated with a release material, and its  model is distinguished by the difference in material, thickness,  elongation, and single and double sided.

Sticky paper, also known as silicone paper. It consists of three layers, the first layer: bottom paper; the second layer: laminating film: the third layer: silicone oil. Can be used in electronics, automotive foam, printing, food, medical and so on. In most cases, it is used with viscous materials, especially adhesive tapes.
When  the prepreg is produced by the wet method, the release paper is placed  on the upper and lower sides of the prepreg, wherein the lower release  paper is stored with the prepreg, so the surface of the prepreg usually  has a layer of release paper protection. The role of the release paper is to prevent the prepreg from being contaminated and to facilitate the scribing on its surface. Another function of the release paper is to prevent lateral cracking of the unidirectional prepreg.
The  release paper should meet: it can stick to the prepreg, but it is easy  to separate the two; it does not chemically react with the resin system  or pollute the resin system; when the temperature and humidity change,  the length and width of the release paper should be Keep  the same, so as not to cause wrinkles of the release paper and wrinkle  the prepreg; it should have sufficient compactness to prevent moisture  from entering the prepreg through it; the elongation of the release  paper should be compared with the fiber after being pulled Consistently  to prevent deformation or distortion of the prepreg during the  preparation process due to unsynchronized drafting; its thickness and  mass per unit area are not easily controlled accurately.

1) Glassine  (the bottom paper is Grassine) Silicone paper: high temperature  resistance, moisture resistance, oil resistance, generally used in food  industry packaging.
(2) Ordinary release paper:  moisture-proof, oil-proof, play the role of product isolation,  applicable industries: electronics, automotive foam, printing, etc., its  use range is mostly with adhesive, especially tape, Therefore, the products that usually use the tape will use the release paper.
(3) PVC wallpaper, PVC leather coating foaming process to undertake the role

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