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Paper selection
Apr 12, 2018

The selection of paper includes the selection of varieties, specifications, and quality grades. It is not possible to focus on one aspect but neglect other aspects.

When selecting a paper type, it is mainly necessary to select according to the characteristics of the printed material to be printed and the type of printing machine used. Double-sided coated paper or offset paper can be used for color covers, illustrations, or ad inserts in printed books and magazines; single-sided coated paper or single-tape paper can be used for single-sided prints such as printed trademarks; printed dictionaries, dictionaries, manuals, and other tools The book should use dictionary paper or thin letterpress paper; printing general books can use offset book paper or letterpress paper. It is also a general book for printing. If you want to use it on a rotary press, you need to use a web (except flatbed printers). If you plan to print on a general platform, you need to use flatbed paper; if you print on an offset press, you should use offset paper, If you print on a letterpress printing press, you can use letterpress printing paper.

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