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Aseptic packaging type
Apr 12, 2018

Aseptic packaging is available in two types of applications: refrigerated packaging and ambient temperature packaging. The refrigerated packaging includes milk roof packs, bricks, pillows and juice roof packs. Normal temperature packaging includes sterile bricks, sterile pillows, and hot-filled roof packs. At present, the common paper-aluminum composite aseptic packaging materials on the market are mainly four types of raw materials: cardboard, polyethylene, aluminum foil and ink. Cardboard does not directly contact the contents of the package, but it is an important part of the package, accounting for about 75% of the entire package weight. The main role is to strengthen the stiffness and hardness of the package after molding. Polyethylene, aseptically packaged in polyethylene, weighs approximately 20% of the entire package. Its main function is to block liquid leakage and microbial attack. The weight of aluminum foil in the aseptic packaging of aluminum foil only accounts for about 5% of the whole package. The main role is to protect the light and block the ventilation, to keep the contents from being oxidized, reduce nutrient losses, and keep the taste fresh. Ink inks have a negligible weight in aseptic packaging but are very important for hygiene and safety. At present, the inks for printing and packaging of dairy products and beverages on the market are mainly solvent inks and water-based inks.

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