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Aseptic packaging material
Apr 12, 2018

Aseptic packaging materials generally include metal cans, glass bottles, plastic containers, composite cans, paper-based composite materials, and multilayer composite flexible packaging.

Sterility of packaged products

Sterilization of food materials is divided into heat sterilization and cold bacteria. Sterilization of foodstuffs aseptically packaged materials has so far been mainly heat sterilization, which is divided into two types: ultra-high temperature sterilization and high-temperature short-time sterilization. The method of cold sterilization of materials mainly refers to ultraviolet and microwave sterilization. Ultra-high temperature sterilization refers to a process in which dairy products or other foods are processed under conditions of temperature and time of 135-150 degrees and 2-8 seconds, respectively. Because it has many advantages, it can solve the contradiction of not only killing microorganisms in products, but also better keeping food quality and nutritional value. It is now widely used in milk, fruit juices, fruit juice drinks, soy milk, tea, Production of wine, mineral water and other products.

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